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A project by Tom America & Rob Moonen
Since October 2003 composer/musician Tom America and visual artist Rob Moonen are working together on a project concerning the Berlin airport TEMPELHOF (1937). This project is a tribute to the city of Berlin and its people, in both sound and vision.


Live performances:
7 november 14.00 h. Auditorium De Pont, Tilburg
8 november 20.00 h. Atrium Academie St. Joost, Breda
13 november 20.30 h. Verkade fabriek, Den Bosch
18 november 20.00 h. Tent, Rotterdam
23 november 20.15 h. het Speelhuis, Helmond
3 december 20.30 h. Plaza Futura, Eindhoven
4,5 may 21.00 h. NS werkspoor ,Tilburg
13 june, 21.30h Kraakgeluiden in de binnenstad ,OT 301, Amsterdam
20 june, 20.30h Worm ,Zaal de Unie ,Rotterdam
22 june,Klub Koe : ARTOTS ,'s Hertogenbosch
23 june ,<TAG> Den Haag
24 june ,Extrapool, Nijmegen




coproduced by

supported by
Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Provincie Noord Brabant, Gemeente Tilburg, Thuiskopiefonds,
Europa in Brabant

Updated :12-6-2005

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